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Whether you are about to graduate from high school or have realized college or your current job is not the right choice, you should strongly consider working in the piping industry.

If you are currently working in the industry for a non-union contractor, discover the many benefits of becoming a member of the United Association. By joining a SWPTA affiliated union, those with experience in the piping industry will earn top wages, excellent full family health insurance and great retirement benefits, including a 401k and a pension plan

Union Pipe Fitter as a Career

Union Pipefitter Career

Individuals who take up a career as a pipefitter fabricate, install, repair and maintain pipe systems. These systems can be found in a number of settings, including industrial, energy, medical centers and more. Pipefitters may also work in commercial businesses, residential buildings, on pipelines or on many other projects throughout the southwest.

Union HVAC-R Technician career

HVAC-R technicians play a vital role in the sustainability of our community. In a region where temperatures can be sweltering in the summer, these tradesmen and tradeswomen are responsible for regulating indoor temperatures by installing, repairing and maintaining heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. As an HVAC-R technician, you will also help to make the region more energy efficient by replacing old, inefficient systems with new systems or make repairs to systems to ensure they remain efficient.
HVAC Union Tech inspects an air conditioner as part of his career
Careers for Union Plumbers

Union Plumber Career

A career as a plumber allows you to earn a great wage and quality benefits, while making sure those living and working in the region have access to sterile and safe water. They also ensure waste systems function as designed. Plumbers install, repair and maintain clean water supply systems and wastewater systems in homes, businesses, churches, schools and more.

Union sprinkler fitter career

As building safety standards increase, sprinkler fitters are needed to ensure the safety of everyone who spends time inside a building. Sprinkler fitters install, repair and maintain fire stopping systems that can be the difference between life and death or the loss of a structure. With the need for more buildings to be retrofitted in order to meet today’s standards, sprinkler fitters will continue be in-demand for years to come.

Union Sprinkler Fitter Career
Union Welding Careers

Union welder career

More people are taking up careers as welders compared to previous years. Welders are the tradesmen and tradeswomen responsible for cutting, fabricating and bonding the materials used to build piping systems and other infrastructure. These in-demand journeymen work on just about every jobsite and are in high demand to work on the growing number of pipelines being planned and built in the region.

Pipe Trades Apprenticeship

Earn and Learn as an Apprentice

As an apprentice, you will spend every day honing your craft and working your way toward the career you have always envisioned. Apprentices earn a good wage working in their field, while learn about industry best practices, advanced techniques commonly used in their field and how to safely perform the work. 

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