SWPTA affiliated UA Local Unions serve the following markets:

Energy, Fabrication, Fire Protection, Green Technologies, HVAC-R and Plumbing

Unique challenges found in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico

The Southwest region, which includes Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico, faces unique challenges, but thrives thanks to the people who work in several specific industries and markets. From the pipelines that pass through Texas, to the incoming green technologies that promise jobs and cleaner, renewable energy, the area provides opportunities to help people and businesses prosper. 

To keep this economic engine moving, highly skilled and highly trained United Association (UA) members, affiliated with the Southwest Pipe Trades Association (SWPTA), proudly work in these specific industries and markets.

The energy sector is considered one of the region’s most crucial industries. Southwest Pipe Trades Association affiliated contractors are experts at securing permits, setting labor terms and providing critical funding to expertly trained tradesmen and tradeswomen for this line of work.


In this fast moving world, saving time saves money. The pipe trades industry understands this saying and has evolved to include in-shop fabrication. This side of the industry employs tradesmen and tradeswomen, who expertly fabricate components of piping systems in a shop before the items are shipped to the field for installation.  This streamline processes is often used on oil and gas projects to help build or replace pipelines in a fraction of the time compared to 30 years ago. 

Fire Protection

A fire cannot only destroy a home or building, but it can injure or kill anyone inside a structure or first responders attempting to put out a fire. One way to help suppress a fire is by employing a fire protection system to save lives and protect property. One SWPTA affiliated union is only focused on fire protection. The members of this Local earn specific certifications and take the industry-leading education courses to ensure they are experts in their craft.

Green Technologies

The U.S. embraces green technologies and the UA has recognized this effort by offering their members specific training to work in this sector. In the southwest, our affiliated journeymen are experts in rainwater harvesting and water conservation. 


In this region, where the temperature can get hot, the ability to control the climate of your home or business is imperative. SWPTA affiliated HVAC-R Technicians have completed the five-year UA registered apprenticeship program, where they learn the ins and outs of  HVAC and refrigeration systems.

Plumbing systems are amongst the most crucial parts of any home or business. SWPTA affiliated tradesmen and tradeswomen are trained and prepared to handle any plumbing job – no matter the size or complexity. Their extensive training helps them provide solutions for home and business owners covering a wide array of issues. 

Pipe Trades Apprenticeship

A Day in the Life

As an apprentice, you will spend every day honing your craft and working your way toward the career you have always envisioned, but never had the opportunity to pursue. You will have a chance to learn not only about industry best practices, but also advanced techniques commonly used in your field.

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