The southwest states are a powerhouse for energy production. Whether energy is produced through fossil fuels or new, renewable energy sources, members of Southwest Pipe Trades Association (SWPTA) affiliated United Association (UA) Local Unions stand ready to do the work necessary to bring energy to the southwest U.S. and rest of the country.

The pipe trades in the fossil fuel industry

The pipe trades and fossil fuel industry go hand-in-hand. One of the most common and safest methods of transporting fossil fuels is by pipeline. Building these pipelines requires a massive amount of pipe tradesmen and tradeswomen. From the prefabrication process completed by many SWPTA-affiliated contractors, to actually welding pieces of the pipeline together.

Since these pipelines carry oil and other fossil fuels that are potentially harmful to the environment if not handled properly, it is vital the work is performed properly. SWPTA-affiliated UA Local Unions and affiliated contractors invest in training so their members and employees understand their responsibilities and are able to execute them in a skillful and safe manner.

The pipe trades in the renewable energy industry

Renewable energy forms are becoming more common around the world and increasingly popular in the southwest U.S. Pipe tradesmen and tradeswomen are also involved in the installation of these energy systems and stand ready and willing to take on work in this growing sector of the energy industry.

The United Association and its affiliated contractors have begun committing resources to training members to work on these energy systems. While the fossil fuel sector still dominates the energy industry, renewables are gaining ground as sustainable forms of energy.

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