HVAC-R Technician

heating and air conditioning units atop a facility building

If you’re looking for the next logical step after attaining your high school diploma, look no further. For comprehensive apprenticeship training, SWPTA unions offer hands-on, on-site experience designed to prepare you for a long, successful career as an HVAC technician. Start earning right way with on-site experience during the day and continue your education with flexible nighttime classes.

The HVAC apprenticeship training program will give you the tools necessary to succeed in a diverse range of roles. HVAC technicians are responsible for designing, installing, and maintaining the mechanical systems used to control air conditioning, temperature, humidity, and total indoor air quality.

SWPTA unions offer invaluable experience that can be broadly applied to several industries. Able to work for a variety of institutions across numerous sectors, our contractors and members are actively engaged in a multitude of roles:

  • Fabricators
  • Technicians
  • Engineers
  • Instructors
  • Salesman

Out HVAC union apprenticeship offers an opportunity in a rapidly-expanding field. Career opportunities as an HVAC technician, mechanic, or installer are constantly growing, and now is the perfect time to become involved in our in-depth training program. Our trained, experienced professionals offer guidance, consultation, and nuanced perspectives that help cultivate your skills and readily apply them to a broad variety of industries.

An HVAC installer ensures the safety and comfort of a facility. Every facility needs someone as qualified, experienced, and prepared as a trained HVAC technician—be the one that people call in their time of need. We’ll give you the tools and training that are required, so you can be at the ready when that call comes. Take that logical next step and start building a career today.

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