Unions Take Care of Loved Ones

The UA Union is a family

To put it simply, when workers come together to form a labor union, they have the power to make things better for themselves. Through collective bargaining agreements, unionized workers can negotiate changes that can improve workplace conditions. These changes may take the form of higher pay, more flexible work hours, and better benefits. However, unions don’t only help the individual worker, they also help that worker’s family.

How Unions Help Families

The higher wages, paid family leave, retirement benefits, and other advantages associated with union membership allow workers to support their families in various ways. Higher wages means there’s extra money to pay for things like home improvements or vacations. Paid family leave allows for parents to take care of their sick children. Retirement benefits allow you to save and prepare for life after your career. Here are a few other ways unions help families. 

Pay Equity

A problematic trend in the business world is the pay disparity between men and women. Although women make up about half of the entire workforce, women still make considerably less on average than their male counterparts when performing the same job. Although the gender pay gap has decreased over the years, women still only make about 79 cents to every dollar a man makes. However, labor unions have helped in the effort to close this gap and as a result, has made it possible for single mothers to raise a family on their own.     

Intergenerational Economic Mobility

When you imagine the American dream, what do you think of? Most answers would likely include a nice house with a backyard and a picket fence. You could make the conclusion that this essentially means reaching the ideal middle class life. Unions are able to provide a pathway to increase your chances of economic mobility, which could also have an impact on your children’s own economic mobility. According to research performed by Harvard economist Richard Freeman, Wellesley economist Eunice Han, and David Madland and Brendan V. Duke of the Center for American Progress, there’s a correlation between being union affiliated and higher future salaries for one’s children.     

Work/Life Balance

In a world where employers want to squeeze as much work out of their employees as possible, it can be hard to find time after work to spend with your family. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see workers get home late from work. Unions fight to make work hours more manageable so that you’ll have time to spend with your family and pursue other interests. 

Partner with SWPTA

Unions are the backbone of our country. For more than 60 years, Southwest Pipe Trades and MCA Texas Joint Marketing Committee has been committed to educating the public on the benefits of joining or forming unions. Learn more about how your workforce could benefit by contacting us today!  


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