Work With Your Hands

Humans Started Out Working With Their Hands

People are expressive beings. Whether we do this through art or words, or through the work we do every day, people’s personalities come out through the things they do. It’s easy to see how an artist does this with paints on a canvas, but it’s no small secret that it also applies to a welder joining two steel pipes. Skills come in many different forms, and it’s a great thing to observe the work of someone who is truly great at what they do. It is possible to find your career working with your hands.  

This level of expertise comes from a culmination of education, physical skills learned from experienced tradespeople, the ability to think critically, and a desire to create and add something to the world. Whether that is an underground pipeline, an overpass, or repairs to important machinery or sprinkler systems, the work you do with your hands is important and a skill that will always be in demand. The same principles apply to truck drivers, auto-mechanics, and even landscape architects. All necessary careers with education requirements that go outside the box. 

There Will Always be Jobs Working With Your Hands

The fact remains that people aren’t meant to sit in little cubicles staring at computer screens all day. Skilled trade schools are important for our society to function and they will always be in demand. There will always be a need to build things or maintain and repair them when they break. Machines need to be serviced by people who know them intimately, and materials and products will always need to be conveyed to where they are needed. This requires smart people who are dedicated to their craft and are not afraid to work with their hands. Whatever the job description, it’s not technology or machinery that will make the difference—it’s people.

Working with your hands also does not mean you have to give up on finding that high-paying job you need. Regardless 

Now Is the Time to Pursue a Career in the Trades

Choosing a career path shouldn’t feel like a dead end job search. At SWPTA, it’s our job to make this the easiest decision you’ve ever made. This is the time to do meaningful work and set yourself up for a rewarding future you never knew you could have. This is the time to use your talents to improve the world around you. Your abilities will help honest small business owners run their shops; give teachers and students a comfortable, safe environment in which to learn; help a hospital function so every patient receives the care they deserve; maintain government facilities designed to keep our country safe so you and your loved ones can rest easy at night. 

If you like to work with your hands and want to turn that skill into an important and rewarding career, reach out to us today. We will use our resources to find you the best possible training program and get you on your way. Your skill with your hands is a direct way you can help build a better tomorrow for America.

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