Featured SWPTA Local Union: How UA Local 211 fights for labor rights

SWPTA - Local 211 - Houston

One of two pipe trades unions in the Houston, Texas area, Pipefitters Local 211 features three apprenticeship training programs: Apprentices can choose to pursue a career in pipefitting, welding or in the HVAC-R industry.

In its fight for workers’ rights, Local 211 has always prioritized accessibility — it continually strives to be there for its members. It features three union halls within the jurisdiction to best support the membership. And it boasts four training centers so apprentices and journeymen can access the training they need close to home.

The Union exists to help members do their job for quality pay in a safe work environment. It maintains a network of skilled, qualified workers so contractors always maintain access to the talent they need. Members earn livable wages and great benefits for their families. They can focus on the job at hand and do it well, knowing they and their families are taken care of thanks to the support from their union.

Local 211 has been training qualified craftsmen across the entire Southeast Gulf Coast region since 1949. It was first formed from members of Local 195 in Beaumont, Texas.

Local 211 is a multi-craft union whose members are engaged in the fabrication, installation, and servicing of piping systems.


The big payoff — Union benefits in a fulfilling career

First and foremost, Union members and apprentices enjoy the right to a safe work environment. And they work those jobs for livable wages that have been negotiated and fought for by their union.

Apprentices tap into a livable pay scale with full health care and 401k benefits on day one — earning while they learn, their wages gradually increasing as they progress through the program.



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  1. Steven L. Terry, Sr

    Greetings, I’m inquiring about how to go about pursuing a career in the profession of a professional pipefitter and or a Welder.

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