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Southwest Pipe Trades Association - Local 142, San Antonio

Some of the most recognized buildings and landmarks in San Antonio —  the Alamodome, AT&T Center, Convention Center, Fiesta Texas and SeaWorld — were built or repaired by the hard-working members of San Antonio UA Local 142.

The Local is proud to build and maintain the infrastructure that keeps San Antonio strong. It represents plumbers, pipefitters, HVAC techs and welders who work in San Antonio and throughout the southwest region of Texas.

Chartered on Feb. 18, 1895, Local 142 has grown into the premier supplier of highly skilled and highly trained pipe trades professionals. Over the course of its history, the Local has enjoyed building booms and weathered economic storms such as the Great Depression. Through both good times and hard times, the members prevailed and grew stronger.

Today, Local 142 is proud to have more than 1,100 highly skilled members in their ranks, who work as plumbers, pipefitters, HVAC service techs and welders. These men and women build and maintain the region’s water systems, medical gas piping systems, sanitary piping and process systems.

Local 142 maintains key relationships with its numerous signatory contractors, who trust us to provide a steady stream of labor.


Skilled union labor in plumbing and pipefitting in San Antonio

The men and women of Local 142 are proud to help build and rebuild the Greater San Antonio region. From constructing chip plants and automotive manufacturing facilities to food processing plants and pharmaceutical centers, they have expertly and safely built the area’s major employment hubs.

Work has been strong, particularly in the midst of San Antonio’s current construction boom. As the region continues to expand, there is a greater need for well-trained pipe trades members.

At no cost to taxpayers, the Local 142 Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee trains apprentices enrolled in the United Association’s five-year registered apprenticeship program. Once they top out and become journeymen, the training center offers journeyman upgrade classes to ensure Local 142 members work as safely and efficiently as possible.

The Local 142 signatory contractors rely on this workforce to get the job done on time, at or under budget, while performing an exceptionally high quality of work.


Good wages, great healthcare — the benefits of being a union plumber or pipefitter

To meet this growing demand for skilled pipe trades members, Local 142 is getting the message out to the public about the great hourly wages, fully-paid family healthcare and excellent retirement benefits their members receive.

Apprentices earn while they learn, with pay steadily increasing as they progress through the program. The training provides quality pay, full healthcare and a retirement program from the beginning.


Interested in joining or contracting with Local 142? Contact us today!

UA Local 142 - San Antonio

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