Local 146 Fort Worth unveils a new website


Crafted in partnership with union marketing agency BMA Media Group, the new website ushers in a modern era of communication, connecting the Local Union with its members and prospective apprentice applicants through news, industry insights and important information.

A leap into the digital realm

The official launch was Aug. 21. The new website follows the Southwest Pipe Trades Association branding with a Local 146 flair. The interface’s user-friendliness ensures seamless access across devices, catering to PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Empowering unity and knowledge

A cornerstone of the new website is its commitment to empowering Local 146’s members. In a world full of information, this platform is a central location for resources and interaction, fostering a spirit of unity among members and encouraging collaborative growth.

Embracing the modern era

Designed with a sleek look and engineered for optimal search engine visibility, the website will be easily found on all search engines, making it a great place for potential members to learn more about the Local.

Discover what’s new

1. About: Check out the signatory contractors of Local 146 and learn about the markets that Local 146 serves.

2. Careers: Start your journey here to become a member of Local 146. Whether you want to become an apprentice or have years of industry experience and are looking to become an organized member of the Local, this is the place to start.

3. Construction Resources: Learn more about the various construction issues facing Local 146 members, such as prevailing wage, project labor agreements, etc.

Building solidarity

Local 146 recognizes the significance of keeping Local 146 members connected in the Fort Worth area. It also has a private members section for more member resources. The website’s launch is a way toward realizing this vision.

Check it out

Visit https://ualocal146.org/ today and be part of the thriving plumbers, pipefitters and welders at Local 146 Fort Worth.

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