Featured SWPTA Local: Over a century of service by UA Local 412

Featured SWPTA Local Union: Over a century of service by UA Local 412

There’s a sense of pride that comes from building and safeguarding your community for over a century.

Since 1910, the members of UA Local 412 have gotten up every morning and protected their neighbors. They’ve helped them live comfortably, safely and healthy with all the conveniences of modern life. That’s what they do best — whether it’s plumbing, pipe fitting or HVAC-R service work.

Local 412 members have made sure the people of New Mexico and the greater El Paso, Texas area have clean drinking water, reliable plumbing, emergency sprinkler systems to safeguard their homes, hospitals, factories and the heating and cooling systems to stay comfortable year round, no matter the weather.


Keeping up with demand — Job security in the pipe trades

Thanks to the recent construction and economic booms in New Mexico and Texas, Local 412 members have kept busy. It’s great helping to build growing and expanding communities, but sometimes you need to step back and admire the work you’ve done.

There’s certainly no shortage of work, but Local 412 members have always managed to get the job done, safely, on-time and on or under budget.


Recruiting the next generation of Local 412 members

Local 412 continues to ramp up recruiting efforts. Job demand is through the roof. The Local has plenty to offer its members and new apprentices — family supporting wages, full health care and retirement benefits from day one. Training is free. Apprentices earn while they learn, and earn raises as they progress through the program.

As experienced members retire, new members are needed to meet the construction industry’s demand for quality workers.

New members gain the advantages of competitive pay, health benefits, retirement benefits and the right to safe working conditions.


The benefits of being a union tradesman or tradeswoman

As a union tradesman or tradeswoman in the pipe trades, you work for good pay with full rights and protections. Contractors enjoy the guarantee of a trained workforce that gets the job done safely, on-time and on or under budget.


Local 412 membership is a win-win all around.

Are you interested in joining or contracting with Local 412?

UA Local 412 – New Mexico

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