Featured SWPTA Local Union: Sprinkler Fitters 669 safeguards America

Southwest Pipe Trades Sprinklerfitters UA Union Local 669 Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico

Among the unions in the UA, Sprinkler Fitters Local 669 is rather unique. The Union represents members across most of the U.S.

For members of Local 669, the responsibility is great, but so is the pride. The fire suppression systems they install save property as well as lives. They go to job sites every day knowing the work they do is meaningful and valued. People and property depend on it.

Local 669 is dedicated to the education and training of its members, staying abreast of the continual evolution of fire sprinkler systems. The Local furnishes its contractors with journeymen and apprentices that have the aptitude, knowledge and skill to install a quality fire protection system. Its membership works safely, proudly and reliably to ensure each fire protection system operates correctly every time.

A sprinkler fitter primarily installs fire protection systems. This includes underground supply piping, which is connected to an integrated overhead piping system that puts out the fire. Our members’ first and foremost priority is safety. Training includes the proper care and use of tools and equipment, which can range from pipe wrenches and pipe threading machines to welding equipment and man lifts.

Because Local 669 serves such a large jurisdiction, Union members can live just about anywhere across the country. Local 669 represents more than 14,000 sprinkler fitting professionals in 48 states.

Local 669 has four different business agents assigned to assist members in the Southwest Pipe Trades jurisdiction across Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

Local 669 fights to ensure its members are well-paid and valued for their work. Union members are entitled to highly competitive pay, full health care for their families and quality retirement programs. Most importantly, the Local advocates for members’ rights to safe work conditions. It fervently believes each worker deserves to end a shift in the same physical condition they began the work day.

That’s good news to the signatory union contractors as well. Safer work sites means fewer on the job injuries and fewer costly shutdowns and delays. By hiring the Local, contractors gain access to a skilled, qualified labor pool. They can rest assured jobs will be done on time, at or under budget, to an exceptionally high standard of quality.

When workers are paid well and their rights are protected, they can focus on doing a good job. A higher standard of living translates to improved job performance, demonstrated through a commitment to excellence that’s proven in each project completed ahead of deadline.


Keeping America safe — a need for labor

Safety first. As society continues to evolve, safety standards become a critical focus. Developers, property owners and politicians become increasingly focused on the importance of proper fire suppression systems. More comprehensive systems are being required to be installed and retrofitted because these systems protect our vital infrastructure.

This means an increasing workload that guarantees great job security. Despite an increasing demand for work, there aren’t enough skilled technicians to fill these jobs. Older generations retire, and there are fewer new hands to replace them.

“An unprecedented skilled labor shortage exists from a combination of the Great Recession’s record levels of unemployment, industry veterans leaving the workforce and the fact that many high school graduates are not interested in blue-collar jobs,” the Washington Post reports.


Training the next generation of sprinkler fitters

In addition to securing rights and high pay for sprinkler fitters, Local 669 is also dedicated to the education and training of its members. The Union strives to prepare the next generation to safeguard the infrastructure of America. It’s important work that needs to be done.

To meet the growing need for skilled workers, Sprinkler Fitters Local 669 is actively recruiting new members and aspiring apprentices. Training is free. The excellent benefits and great pay begin on day one. As soon as apprentices begin their five-year training program, they receive full health care and start building towards retirement. They earn while they learn, pay gradually increasing as they progress through the program.

Upon completion of the program, they become full-fledged journeymen with all the rights and privileges of the trade.

Interested in joining or contracting with the Sprinkler Fitters Local 669? Contact us today!

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