Featured SWPTA Local Union: The benefits of Dallas’ UA Local 100

Southwest Pipe Trades UA Union Local 100 Dallas, Texas

“What’s the password?”

Since UA Local 100 in Dallas was chartered on Dec. 1, 1892, its Union meetings have been guarded by a password at the door. Back then, many considered union meetings to be illegal activities — and as late as the early 1900s, workers were arrested for simply attempting to organize.

The tradition of providing a password at the door of UA Local 100 union meetings continues to this very day. It pays homage to the union’s roots and struggles when organizing for workers’ rights was considered to be a threat.

The primary motivation for forming UA Local 100 was to create a standard wage scale, improve working conditions and generally improve the workers’ living standards.

In 1914, Local 100 joined with the area UA Local Unions to form the Southwest Pipe Trades Association and soon thereafter, also became affiliated with the American Federation of Labor (AFL).

Local 100 members work in various pipe trades including plumbers, pipefitters, welders and HVACR Service Technicians.

Its signatory contractors know that by employing a union workforce, they have access to a qualified, skilled workforce. Contractors know that a project will be completed on time, safely and at or under budget.

There are no surprises — contractors experience less stress, require fewer conversations before a board or planning committee and avoid playing tug-of-war with the budget.


Union Standards of Excellence and Safety

Serving the Greater Dallas area, UA Local 100 fervently believes in setting high standards of safety — every worker has the right to go home from their job in the same shape they arrived in.

Focusing on safety is a win-win for contractors and workers alike. When workers have ensured a safe work environment, there are not only fewer accidents. There are fewer shutdowns — and this means the job is completed on time, at or under budget.

UA Local 100 holds itself to a high Standard of Excellence — a work ethic that’s good for both contractors and workers. The work gets done to an exceptionally high standard, with quality and efficiency. Everyone gets to go home safe and proud of the good work they have done.


New Training Center Opens

In 2022, the UA Local 100 Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC) opened a new training facility adjacent to the Local 100 Union Hall. The 37,000-square-foot facility includes 10 classrooms, a large workshop space for each trade (plumbing, pipefitting, HVACR) and features 40 booths in the weld shop.

The Training Center also has an orbital welding/tube bending shop, plumbing service shop and plumbing prep shop for the state exam. The UA Local 100 JATC also includes a construction technologies lab to teach the latest technologies used on the jobsite.


The Benefits of Union Work

To meet the construction boom in the Dallas Metro Area, UA Local 100 has stepped up its organizing efforts to recruit new members and apprentices.

For a hard day’s work, UA Local 100 members and apprentices get plenty in return — family-supporting pay, the right to a safe work site, quality healthcare and 401k benefits.

For apprentices, those benefits start on day one. When they begin their five-year apprenticeship, they earn while they learn and pay increases as they progress through the program. Upon completing the program, they become journeymen, where career paths expand dramatically.

Whether you’re a contractor looking for a skilled workforce or a worker seeking protections and a safe work environment, it pays to partner with UA Local 100.


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UA Local 100 - Dallas

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